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Most who stop drinking/drugs still experience: CRAVINGS, DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, MOOD SWINGS, and other alcohol/drug induced symptoms that play havoc with sobriety.

Physical Restoration For Alcoholics & Drug Addicts


Time Heals... or Does It?
Without the buffer of alcohol or drugs to reduce anxiousness and disguise depression, you feel the full brunt of brain and nervous system changes that your drinking/drug use has caused. With no physical repair, feeling good is not just around the corner. These symptoms linger for years according to a recent Johns Hopkins University study of 312 abstinent alcoholics. Over a ten year period they found the following ongoing symptoms:

  • Depression
  • Hostility
  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia Psychosis
  • Phobic Anxiety
  • Inadequate Inferior Feelings

Researchers concluded the typical recovering person experiences many of these symptoms for years. Their study shows a painfully slow reduction in symptom intensity with levels dropping slowly over a long period of time.
C. Desoto et al "Alcoholics in Various Stages of Symptomology in Abstinence". Alcoholism, Clinical & Experimental Research Vol 9, no 6 (Dec 1985) pp 505-512.



Alcohol & Drugs can Assault Sanity
Suicide is so prevalent among treated alcoholics that one in four deaths of these alcoholics are from suicide, usually occurring within the first year after treatment.
Alcoholism assaults sanity by depleting key antidepressant chemicals in the brain. Counseling won't correct such damage. Physical intervention is needed to resupply the brain's natural chemicals and lift depression.
M. Berglund,"Suicide in Alcoholism", ARCHIVES OF GENERAL PSYCHIATRY, 41 (1984): pp 888-891



Alcoholics, Recovering or Not, Lose Many Years of Their Life Span
Treated alcoholics have almost the same mortality rate as drinking alcoholics, about three times higher than the general population. Degenerative diseases, set in motion by heavy alcohol/drug use, are not halted by counseling. Biochemical intervention and repair must take place.
S. Pell and C Alonzo, "A Five Year Mortality Study of Alcoholics", Journal of Occupational Medicine 15 No 2 (Feb 1973): pp 120-125



A New Successful Solution
For the past ten years Health Recovery Center has pioneered a successful model of primary treatment based on biochemical repair. Our published research shows the dramatic drop in client symptoms after six weeks. Of these clients, 74% were sober and stable at follow-up one to three years later. Much of this success is the result of physical repair for a PHYSICAL DEGENERATIVE DISEASE.

Reported Symptoms by HRC Clients

Program Provisions
An intensive six weeks includes:

  • Medical assessment, detoxification and treatment
  • Laboratory testing
  • Individual sessions of biochemical repair and therapy
  • Replacement of missing essential elements (Natural chemicals, not drugs will be the preferred choice)
  • Group support and lectures
  • 25 weeks of aftercare support


If you would like additional information about our program, please complete our
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