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If you have faithfully changed your diet and applied the principals of the bio-repair program outlined so far, yet you know something is still missing, take heart. This section will alert you to several huge troublemakers that are notorious for wiping out your energy and mental clarity. You may be suffering from severe food allergies or an overgrowth of Candida Albicans, fungal yeast that debilitates its many victims systemically. Sometimes symptoms are caused by a "mixed infection" syndrome.

You may be coexisting with bacterial or viral infections or parasites or toxins that are weakening your immune system and your stamina. You may even be experiencing intense feelings of weakness and fatigue from exposure to strong electro-magnetic fields, on a daily basis. In this section I'll discuss each of these complex conditions. You'll learn how to determine whether or not you are affected, and if so, what to do to overcome these debilitating disorders. I have seen some dramatic recoveries among clients afflicted with such problems.


Feeling Too Tired to Live

Jack told me "As a young man, I was friendly, outgoing and full of anticipation for living. My problems began in Vietnam where I was exposed to Agent Orange and subjected to the trauma of "kill or be killed" over many months. When I returned to the states I felt depressed and rudderless. I have never been able to overcome my fatigue and emptiness. I've spent twenty years going in and out of VA hospitals to no avail. I'm just too tired to stay alive."

My introduction to this frail forty-five year old carpenter came shortly after he had attempted suicide. He made it plain that the lab work I proposed would be his last stab at recovering his health. As expected, this testing revealed that he had very little immune system strength, probably knocked out long ago by his exposure to Agent Orange. We found severe food allergies and chemical sensitivities. His Candida score was extremely high. His CMV (Cytomegalovirus) and Epstein Barr (a herpes-like virus causing a mononucleosis-like infection), antibody levels were positive. Other tests showed he was severely malnourished. We were unable to get information from the U.S. Government on how to detoxify any residue of Agent Orange. The official position is "IT DIDN'T HAPPEN".

Jack needed to rebuild his immune system from scratch by lightening the total load that was causing the breakdown (more on this later in this section). We depended on IV infusions containing high amounts of Vitamin C to detoxify him. It was a slow process, but gradually through correcting his many biochemical problems, Jack's long lost stamina returned.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS ... Or Running on Empty)

Since the eighties there has been a steadily growing crisis of people infected with CFS. This syndrome affects several million Americans, causing a lingering state of profound weakness and fatigue. The average length of their malaise is two years. During this time only half of those afflicted with this immunodeficiency disorder are able to work regularly because of their illness.

The Annals of Internal Medicine published a profile of common symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome in 1985. Fatigue was the number one complaint.


Common Symptoms of CFS
From The Annals of Internal Medicine



 Easy fatigue ability


 Fatigue alternating
with periods of normalcy




 Low grade afternoon fever


 Swollen lymph glands


 Poor concentration


Sore throat






 Muscle aches/joint pains


 Anxiety attacks


 Mental confusion


Sleep disturbance


 Abdominal problems


 Weight loss


 Skin rash


Besides ongoing fatigue, a majority experience memory loss, and deficits in their ability to think and communicate. Medical World News, April 9, 1990 reported MRI scans often show brain lesions similar to multiple sclerosis patterns. With so many diverse symptoms, nailing the culprits is no easy task. Dr. Michael Rosenbaum in his book, Solving The Puzzle of CFS, makes a strong case for CFS patients succumbing to a "mixed infection syndrome" which may involve a combination of synergistic viruses, yeasts, bacteria and parasites.

Do I Have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

If you have wondered if your fatigue falls in the "normal" category or could be classified as "chronic" you will be interested in the 1994 revised definition of CFS by the Centers For Disease Control, offered for insurance purposes.

A new onset of fatigue that causes a 50% reduction in one's activities for at least six months.

Exclusion of other illnesses that cause fatigue.

Eight of the following eleven signs and symptoms:


1) Mild fever (between 100F to 102F) or chills

2) Recurrent sore throat

3) Painful lymph nodes

4) Muscle weakness

5) Myalgia

6) Prolonged fatigue from mild exercise

7) Recurrent headaches

8) Migratory arthralgia (pain switches from joint to joint)

9) Neuropsychological complaints

10) Sleep Disturbance

11) Sudden onset of the symptom complex

If, indeed you have some of the above symptoms you have a malfunctioning immune system. The big question is why is your immune system failing you?

Over twenty five years ago a Russian research physician Vladimir Dilman found that carbohydrate intolerances and increase in LDL levels in the blood led to dysfunction of the large scavenger cells (called macrophages) whose job it is to grab and gobble up harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, cancer cells, and other cellular debris. We have already talked about the high sugar intake of most Americans that create abnormal blood sugar levels, and their corresponding low intake of Omega 3 fatty acids which when increased, reduces LDL cholesterol (and triglycerides) and increases the good HDL cholesterol. So if you are running on empty, begin AT ONCE to make these changes:

Systematically avoid white flours, refined sugars and white rice, to boost your immune system. Also stabilize your blood sugar with daily glutamine and chromium supplements.

Supplement the Omega 3, 6, and 9 essential fatty acids daily and fortify your health by reloading all the essential vitamins and minerals.

Invaders That Aggravate Your Symptoms

Concurrently with strengthening your immunity, you will want to know what viruses, bacteria, and fungi have won the first rounds in the battle with your immune system. Laboratory tests will tell your physician the information needed to defeat these invaders. The Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) has been detected in many CFS patients. (It is the source of infectious mononucleosis) The Cytomegalovirus (CMV) and Human Herpes Virus Type VI (HHV-VI) have also been tied to CFS. Antibody blood titer tests for EBV, CMV or HHV-VI can be routinely done by most labs.

How To Treat Holistically

Certain natural substances are extraordinary in their abilities to inhibit viral activity:

  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) actually makes interferon at high doses. It should be taken in divided doses to "bowel tolerance" meaning until diarrhea is triggered.
  • The antioxidants are free-radical scavengers. They boost immune response to viruses. These include A, E, selenium, zinc, dimethyl glycine, cysteine, glutathione, and methionine
  • The B-complex vitamins boost energy and act as co-enzymes to vital chemical reactions.
  • The essential amino acids are needed for the production of antibodies, and to stimulate T-lymphocyte cell activity.
  • Alpha lipoic acid is so powerful that it has recently been shown to significantly inhibit replication of the HIV virus.
  • Co-enzyme Q 10 plays a huge role in strengthening the immune system. Take 300 mg daily in divided doses to ward off cancer and protect against radiation damage from electro-magnetic radiation. (A discussion of this real danger follows later in this section.)
  • Herbs such as echinacea, gingko biloba, silymarin and cats claw also have anti viral properties. We have long used silymarin for liver repair in alcoholics, and see an astoundingly quick reversal of all elevated liver readings.

To order the HRC Viral Infection Treatment Formula

For Curing Viral Infections Naturally.
(6 week supply includes schedule)

Bio-Ester C, Bio Aminos, Oil-Base Co-Q10, Bio-B6,
Alpha Lipoic Acid, Anti Oxidant

Yeast Overgrowth Means Chronic Fatigue


Carol, a pleasant 35-year-old teacher, had started taking antibiotics in college to clear her complexion. By the time we met ten years later, she was using them for recurring vaginal yeast infections and bouts with bronchitis. She complained of being tired all the time. Her concentration was so poor it was destroying her teaching ability. Food did not energize her. Instead, after eating a meal she often found she could hardly stay awake. Her solution became skipping lunch and existing instead on coffee, cigarettes and sugar snacks. Carol complained of ongoing sinus problems, itching ears, and constantly having to clear her throat. She felt cold most of the time. The chronic fatigue that had slowly engulfed her was gradually changing her life. She now slept nine to ten hours, yet still felt exhausted and weak. At the time we met she was on more antibiotics in hopes of recovering her health. Symptoms pointed to a yeast invasion that now had the upper hand in her body.

Lab testing showed elevated levels of Candida antibodies: Her immune system was fighting, but not winning its war against candida yeast. These fungi had become systemic and were making trouble on multiple fronts. Her anti-thyroid antibody panel was also elevated meaning her immune system was mistakenly sending out antibodies to kill off her thyroid as well as the candida yeast. For unknown reasons this occurs fairly often in our clients. Carol was cold and tired all the time partly from having to little thyroid circulating.

The good news is that all of this is fixable. A prescription for Armour thyroid will quickly deliver that missing hormone. And in the next pages I will describe a number of powerful nutritional weapons that knock out candida yeast.


The Fungus That Lives In Our Bodies

It has been fifty years since the Candida albicans fungus was first identified as a cause of bodily infections under the right conditions. Slowly the medical community has become aware of Candida's ability to proliferate and invade practically every organ of the body, if given the upper hand. Accordingly to public health experts Candida overgrowth may affect as many as twenty million Americans today.

Candida albicans is a microscopic plant about the size of a red blood cell. It is a cousin to the molds that live in damp basements and is related to the fungus that causes athlete's foot. The textbook Medical Mycology described candida albicans as "mild mannered creatures incapable of producing infections in normal, healthy individuals. (A yeast) can only cause trouble in the person with weakened defenses ... because of its rapid ability to make itself at home on mucous membranes, it can take advantage of many types of host alterations ... The clinical manifestation of candida infections is exceedingly variable ... (and) account for the vast majority of diseases caused by yeast."

Candida yeast normally inhabits the esophagus and the gastrointestinal tract and colon. But sometimes something occurs to allow an explosion of yeast colonizing far beyond of our immune system's abilities to hold them in check with antibodies.


When Candida Yeast Turns On Its Host

Today's high technology is responsible for our current woes with these fungal opportunists. Most of us have stimulated yeast production by our overuse of antibiotics. These destroy the friendly flora in our intestinal tract leaving behind only the candida yeast, which not only survive but also flourish and multiply in their new environment. Our continued use of antibiotics, and meats laced with antibiotics, steroids, birth control pills, anti inflammatory drugs, refined sugars and alcohol ... all contribute to the steady invasion of candida yeast through out our tissues and organs. With the right conditions, candida can reproduce quickly. When the body's immune system is impaired, this opportunist takes over. The following are signs of possible candida infestation:


1) Bloating, swelling or gas after eating

2) Frequent diarrhea or constipation

3) Recurring vaginal yeast infections

4) Recurring urinary tract infections

5) Feeling worse on damp muggy days or in moldy places

6) Feeling lightheaded from a small amount of wine or beer

7) Recurring sinus or fungal infections of the nails

8) Chronic fatigue and fogginess

9) Past heavy use of antibiotics that preceded any of the above symptoms.

Diagnosing Candidiasis

The doctors who have worked with me at Health Recovery Center have considered patient history as important as the laboratory studies, in diagnosing candida. In the final analysis, the most definitive test may be the patient's response to an antifungal drug like Diflucan or Nystatin combined with an anti-candida diet.

Some doctors still adhere to the old (and incorrect) view that candida yeast accounts only for disorders in the intestinal tract, not for disorders occurring elsewhere in the body. Since they do not employ blood tests that show candida, these doctors may tell you it doesn't exist. If your MD dismisses the notion that candida may be to blame for otherwise unexplained symptoms, you can encourage him to seek medical PROOF thru a lab test. If you have yeast related illness, your immune system is busy making high amounts of candida antibodies in an effort to control the overgrowth, and these antibody levels can be measured with a blood test.

The test we use to detect candida albicans is called the CANDIDA-ANTIBODY PANEL. It measures levels of three different antibodies: IgG, IgA, IgM. Normally these levels are 100 MONA (measure of normal activity) units or below. In people with candidiasis, one or more of the antibody counts are elevated over 100 units or higher, showing us the immune system is fighting the yeast. Of these three antibody measures, the IgG signifies either a past or ongoing infection. IgA shows mucosal or vaginal candidiasis, currently. IgM is the best indicator of current candida infestation.

The lab we use for this analysis is Immuno Diagnostic Laboratories. (See appendix C in Depression Free, Naturally for address and telephone) This test's only drawback is that it assumes your immune system is still in the business of sending out candida antibodies. But in some chronic long-time sufferers, this immunal activity has finally "dried up" in exhaustion and defeat. This is a situation where the case history and current symptoms speak more strongly than the testing ... and a trial run of medication, nutritional anti-fungals, and diet, are in order.


The excellent Candida Questionnaire and Score Sheet has been reprinted in Depression Free, Naturally with permission of its author, William Crook, M.D. It can be a useful Pre-screen tool to help you determine the if candida is robbing you of your energy and the extent of its progress.

Dr.Crook has long led the battle to elevate doctor awareness of this crippling disease. The questionnaire is designed for adults; the Scoring System is not appropriate for children. It lists factors in your medical history that promote the growth of candida albicans and the symptoms commonly found in persons with yeast-connected illness.

Treating Candida

I well know the "snit" that clients launch into when first told about the protocol for treating Candida. They are almost too exhausted to take on all these major changes. To these tired souls, I beg you to look at how out of control your life has become because of these tiny invaders, and don't even think you might permit your self to host these destroyers any longer. Muster your innermost being to take charge and I guarantee you will fully regain your health and energy.

Ideally, your first step is to partner with your physician. I know from the hundreds, who have called after reading my first book, that some of you will not be dealing with a sympathetic doctor. You need help now. You can't wait for your M.D.'s medical education to evolve. To get the name of a doctor in your area who will treat you, telephone the International Health Foundation at 1-901-660-7090 or the American Academy of Environmental Medicine at 1-215-862-4544.

I also know from past experience that some of you reading this website are living in rural areas or cannot afford medical costs at this time. For you, your recovery may have to exclude the one or two common drugs used to treat candida: Nystatin and Diflucan. This does not rule out your success. It does mean you will pay exacting attention to
(1) changing your diet
(2) taking the nutritional supplements
(3) You will test for food allergies at home
(4) and you will remove as many chemical exposures as you can from your life.

Food allergies and reactions to chemicals often result from yeast-related disorders because you no longer have a strong immune system to prevent these reactions. Both help to keep you feeling tired and sick.

Your Candida Diet

If you are already on the Low Carbohydrate Diet #1 (the first hypoglycemic diet in Section 3) you are halfway home. These are only a few adjustments for your Candida Diet:

Extra foods to avoid for the first three weeks:

  • fruit and fruit juices
  • cheeses (Moldy cheeses are the very worst.)
  • vinegar containing foods (i.e. salad dressings, mustard, catsup, relishes, sauerkraut, condiments & sauces)
  • mushrooms
  • melons
  • leftover foods (mold grows quickly even in the refrigerator)
  • breads
  • peanuts

After three weeks you can test your tolerance to these foods by eating each separately. Then watch for a flare up of symptoms, especially fatigue. If you remain symptom free, you can return them to your diet.

Permanently avoid all refined sugars, milk sugars, and high-carbohydrate, simple-sugar foods. Eat fresh foods, not boxed or canned. Eliminate all foods that you suspect may cause allergic reactions until you have tested them. (Instructions later in this section) Of course, eliminate the use of all antibiotics, steroids, immune suppressing drugs and birth control pills, unless you have a medical emergency that requires these drugs.

Your Nutritional Regimen

This attack will be two-pronged: to destroy the candida and to rebuild your immune system. The following natural substances are powerful non-drug yeast destroyers.

  • Candida Cleanse combines two powerful anti-candida components:
    • Citrus seed extract is an antifungal agent that fights candida fungi in the intestinal tract. It is also effective against other intestinal parasites such as giardiasis.
    • Caprylic acid has been shown to heal the intestinal tract and eliminate or greatly reduce the candida growth in the intestinal tract within sixteen days.
  • Wild Oregano is probably the most powerful antifungal agent available. It can destroy even resistant fungal yeasts forms, as well as the mutated fungi that result from antibiotic overuse. Dr. Jonathan Wright, M.D. has found in his experience, oregano is as effective as the drug nystatin. Dr. Cass Ingram has written an entire book on oregano "THE CURE IS IN THE CUPBOARD" after using it himself to recover from Candida.
  • Kyolic garlic extract is a powerful antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal herb. In a study in The Journal of the American Chemical Society, one milligram of allicin (the main constituent of garlic) proved equal to fifteen standard units of penicillin.
  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus is the name of the friendly bacteria that normally inhabit your intestines. Candida fungus can only grow and thrive there when antibiotics have wiped out much of your acidophilus flora. It is important to replace these "good guys" as you clear out the candida yeast.
  • Hydrochloric acid with betaine will completely inhibit the growth of Candida albicans at a pH of 4.5. HCI capsules are already on your daily nutrient list to increase absorption of foods and nutrients.


In addition, the formula for Candida Control combines yeast fighters with strong immune system builders:

  • Vitamin C
  • Antioxidant Complex (A, E, selenium, zinc, dimethyl glycine, cysteine, glutathione and methionine)
  • Co-Enzyme Q10
  • B6.

The formula should be used faithfully for two months to eliminate candida yeast.

To order the HRC Anti-Candida Formula

(6 week supply includes schedule)

Candida Cleanse, Multi Flora Lactobacillus Acidolphilos,
Bio Ester C, Bio-B6, Anti Oxidant Complex, Co-Q10 (Oil Based), Oil of Oregano, Kyolic Garlic, Olive Leaf Extract

Foods We Love That Don't Love Us

If we are talking true seduction, I know nothing more bewitching (on a daily basis) than our abiding addiction to the foods that hurt us. Have you ever stood in front of your refrigerator following a big meal, searching ... searching for what?? We want that certain food that produces an allergic/addictive response ... a mild lift or high. Never mind that it zaps our energy later. We want instant gratification. Actually most allergic persons aren't even aware of their need for a "fix". They simply bring home these foods every shopping trip.

Back in the fifties, Dr. Theron Randolph MD, a brilliant allergist, made breakthrough discoveries on how foods can act like drugs for many of us. They can mimic the same cravings, produce a high, and create a demand for more of the same substance to satisfy our addiction. If we don't maintain our "supply" every day, we experience a withdrawal reaction. I can tell you from years of experience, getting allergic-addicted clients off their favorite foods is a hazardous job! I have seen silent tears rolling down women's cheeks, as I demanded they abandon dairy products. Alcoholics who had become abstinent have told me that giving up wheat was not possible. They no longer drank fermented grain but had to have pizzas, or cereals, or breads or crackers every day. The mere suggestion that they give these up turns them surly. Yet they are complaining of fatigue, feeling depressed, muddled, headachy, or hyper and their cravings for sugar or alcohol turn on and off. Food allergies often affect the brain as well as causing a general malaise of aches and pains. There isn't a prayer that you can feel emotionally stable if you are a slave to your food addictions. Life becomes a roller coaster of emotional ups and downs depending on where you are in the cycle of craving, stimulation and withdrawal. Take another look at The Ups and Downs of Addiction" chart from Section 8 to remind you of how addiction works.

Why Some Foods Make You Feel Good

The foods you crave, you are not metabolizing properly. It may be as simple as not having sufficient digestive enzymes to break down and absorb these substances normally or as complex as a leaky gut causing intestinal permeability. The antigens that attack undigested, foreign food particles also release a psychoactive chemical in the brain that produces an endorphin effect. This mild high convinces us we love this food! After being hooked on daily doses of these favorite foods, we also feel the relieving effects of stopping our withdrawal symptoms by loading in the substances our bodies crave.

Addictive foods have another effect on us ... they store extra water weight. When we eliminate these troublemakers, we magically shed several pounds without dieting.

Are You Food Allergic?

Maladaptive responses are most common from cow's milk, wheat, eggs, cane sugar, corn and chocolate. Predisposing factors are nutritional deficiencies, infestation of candida, autoimmune illness, thyroid, liver or adrenal disorders or digestive problems.

The American College of Allergy and Immunology has cited the following as medical conditions provoked or caused by/with food allergy:

  • attention deficit
  • bronchial asthma
  • bronchitis
  • chronic diarrhea
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • depression
  • headaches (migraine and non-migraine)
  • hyperactivity/hyperpiesis
  • insomnia
  • learning disorders
  • sleep disorders
  • tension-fatigue syndrome


On page 281 of Depression Free, Naturally a self-screening test designed by George Kroker MD, will help you to identify those foods most likely to trigger addictive cravings and delayed allergic reactions in you..

You can get expert medical help with diagnosing and treating food allergies by contacting a physician who specializes in clinical ecology. For a list of qualified physicians in your area, call the American Academy of Environmental Medicine at (215) 862-4544.

You can take some steps to control food allergies on your own. Remove them from our diet, don't buy them when you shop, and remove them from your cupboards and refrigerator. Replace them with foods you don't often eat.

For more information on food allergies/addiction, refer to the reading list in Appendix D in Depression Free, Naturally.

Be Your Own Detective: The Elimination Diet

One effective way to confirm that a specific food is causing you problems is to stop eating it for at least one week. This isn't as easy as it sounds, because if you are allergic/addictive, you may develop withdrawal symptoms as your body pleads for its usual fix of these foods. Symptoms vary from person to person and can include headache or fatigue during the first days. Back and joint aches may develop on the third day and persist for a day or two. Among the "psychological" symptoms of withdrawal are anxiety, confusion, depression, and mood swings. If you are chemically sensitive, try to avoid exposure during this week to fresh paint, new synthetic carpets, cleaning solutions, gas stoves, tobacco smoke, auto exhaust, perfumes, and shopping malls (which are filled with fumes form the formaldehyde in new clothing, furniture, and fabrics).

A note to smokers: Do not smoke during an elimination diet. Cigarettes are loaded with chemicals that keep allergic users in a chronically reactive state. You won't be able to see the effects of the diet while you continue to smoke.

By the end of the week, withdrawal agonies, if any, will have ceased. After that, reintroducing the suspected food(s) should produce noticeable symptoms. This is your body's way of telling you whether or not it can tolerate the food.

To test yourself, follow these directions:

1. Test only one food per meal

2. Make a whole meal of the test food. For example, if you suspect that dairy products are the source of your problems, eat only cheese, milk, yogurt, and cottage cheese; if wheat is the suspected culprit, limit yourself to hot wheat cereal, wheat toast, pancakes, or bread. For example, don't butter your bread unless you are certain that dairy products (which include butter) are not a problem for you.

3. Take your pulse just before eating the food you are testing. Take it again five minutes after you finish and again twenty-five minutes later. A pulse twelve or more beats per minute faster or slower than what is normal for you suggests an allergic reaction to the food you are testing.

4. Make a note of any changes in the way you feel physically and emotionally. Reactions usually occur within the first hour, although some may be delayed. Be aware that if your brain chemistry is altered because of a reaction to the food, you may not be able to think clearly enough to accurately assess and record your reaction. I learned how difficult this can be when, after a five-day total fast (except for spring water), I tested eggs at lunch. I soon felt very sleepy and decided to take a short nap. A half hour later, I realized I was lying on the couch instead of driving back to my office. At first, I was in such a fog that I had no idea why I had dozed off at noon. As the grip of the allergic response subsided, I realized that the eggs were responsible for my reaction.

5. If possible, test the suspect foods when someone else is around. This way, if you are too muddled by an allergic reaction, your companion will be able to observe your behavior and relate it to the food you tested. I had a meeting with colleagues scheduled the day I tested wheat. After downing a stack of pancakes, I hurried off to the meeting. Driving a familiar route, I took a wrong turn, not once but twice! I was annoyed at my stupidity but never connected my mistakes to the possibility that my brain was losing its smarts in response to the wheat. When I finally arrived, I delivered my report in a halting voice, struggling to think clearly. I was mortified by my performance. Suddenly a close friend began to laugh. "You must be in reaction. What did you eat this morning?" That embarrassing experience told me in no uncertain terms that wheat is not good for me.

6. Any uncomfortable symptoms can be partially relieved by taking two tablets of Alka-Seltzer Gold. Milk of magnesia can also help eliminate food-related problems. (Follow the directions on the label.)

7. Be sure to avoid any chemical exposure while testing a food and get plenty of fresh air. Drink only spring water, deep well water, or water that has been filtered--not tap water, which is full of chemicals. (One of our Health Recovery Center clients discovered that the constant groin pain that had plagued him for years disappeared when he stopped using chlorinated water. He later found that he could turn the pain on and off by switching from spring to tap water. I have noticed that allergic people don't feel well when they drink city water treated with chlorine and other chemicals.)

Medical Testing

You can also identify food allergies through a blood test your doctor can order from Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratories. See Appendix C in Depression Free, Naturally for complete address and telephone number.

This lab assesses immediate and delayed reactions to ninety-six common foods.


Breaking Food Allergy Addiction

Identifying the foods that undermine your equilibrium is only half the battle. You will still find these foods appealing because they promise a high. I doubt that your heartbeat quickens at the thought of eating green beans. But the very word "pizza" (or insert the name of your favorite food) can set something humming. That something is the anticipation of the promised high.

Now that you understand some of the biochemical factors that underlie your shifting moods you can take steps to keep your brain and body in balance so you don't continually crave a fix to pull you out of fatigue.


Repairing Your Damaged Digestive Tract

The following formula is designed to repair your compromised intestinal tract so you can better handle the digestion and assimilation of foods without adverse reactions:

To order the HRC Food Allergy Repair Formula

(6 week supply includes schedule)

Pantothenic Acid, Bio-Zinc (Reacted,) Glutamine Powder, Querciplex, Bio-Enzymes

Why You Overreact To Stress

Take a look at The Building-Block Concept of Stress Overload below. Even our immune systems have a breaking point, a threshold, beyond which we see it buckle. The best way to picture this "total load" concept is to imagine you are at sea in a boat so loaded with heavy boxes that it is sinking. You can keep afloat by tossing some of them overboard. Your body is like that sinking boat. It has a threshold capacity for multiple stresses. If you insist on overloading that capacity, your emotional and physical health will suffer. Each box represents a piece of your total "load".

  • one box represents food allergies
  • another may be your sensitivity to dust, molds, pollens, or chemical sensitivities to auto exhaust, or chemicals on the job
  • another is your high intake of refined sugars
  • two more are cigarettes and caffeine boxes
  • another may be candida overgrowth
  • finally, there is a box for your personal life stresses (example: a divorce, a death, or a relationship ending.)

Stacked together, these boxes are the total overload that is buckling your immune system and causing your physical and emotional instability. You must jettison some of them in order to lower the threshold under the level that triggers mayhem in your health.

The Building-Block Concept of Stress Overload


Assessing Your Personal Load

How overloaded is your immune system? You can make an educated guess by listing the various "BOXES" that you are carrying. Make up your mind to toss some of them over the side so your immune system can finally defend you properly. Appendix D of Depression Free, Naturally has a list of excellent books containing more information on food and chemical sensitivities, controlling candida, and proven therapies that help us heal from the emotional stresses of life.

Toss Out Your Nicotine

Cigarettes contain hundreds of chemicals that sap your health and weaken your immune system. I know you are resolved to make meaningful changes to stabilize your health. Kicking the cigarette habit will be a major step forward. Giving up cigarettes can be done. Millions of ex-smokers have confronted this moment and succeeded. They were no stronger than you are now, and you have the advantage of a strategy that works. I've seen it succeed over and over. If you let it, it will work for you. You can't afford not to...

Use the following steps:

1. Set a target date to quit, two weeks from today.

2. Continue to avoid refined sugars, junk food and caffeine.

3. Stay with your exercise program. It will help counteract any weight gain when you stop smoking.

4. Over the two week period leading to your quit date, cut down on cigarettes. This is easier if you take sodium/potassium bicarbonate (Alka Seltzer Gold) to alkalize your system and reduce your nicotine cravings. Take two tablets every four hours but no more than eight tablets in any twenty-four hour period.

5. Avoid red meats, cranberries, plums, and prunes (they promote the acidity you are trying to neutralize with Alka Seltzer Gold).

6. Drink at least six glasses of water daily.

The Smokers Formula

Certain nutrients help to rid your system of nicotine and reduce your cravings. Read through the following descriptions to see how these nutrients can help you and how much you will need to take.

  • Lobelia, is an herb that can help reduce your craving for nicotine. I have watched its' effectiveness for years.
  • The AlphaWave formula contains three amino acids that have a calming and centering effect: GABA, Glycine, and Taurine. Smokers know that smoking a cigarette creates a stress-reducing effect. It lowers reactions to outside stimuli by altering these brain neurotransmitters.
  • GABA also (gamma amino-butyric acid) has this soothing effect in your brain. Glycine strengthens your calming 'alpha' brain waves and reduces excitatory beta waves. Taurine help to regulate and quiet the excitable tissues of your brain and nervous system.
  • Glutamine is in the formula to counteract the high sugar content of cigarettes. Do you realize tobacco is cured with beet, corn and cane sugars and their content can run as high as 70 percent sugar? Of course, hypoglycemic smokers will never bring their blood sugar under control if they regularly introduce these sugars into their bloodstream. Glutamine, an alternative source of glucose for the brain, alleviates hypoglycemic reactions among smokers.
  • B Complex vitamins will help allay the nervousness that develops as nicotine leaves your system. Also, cigarettes are known to seriously deplete vitamin B1 (thiamine).
  • Zinc levels are usually deficient because your body uses a lot of it to remove the buildup of cadmium, a metal contained in cigarette papers (it makes them white.) Increase your total load of zinc to 50 milligrams daily for six weeks.
  • Calcium and Magnesium both calm your nervous system and brain.
  • Inositol, a B vitamin, has strong anti-anxiety properties.

To order the HRC Smokers Formula

(6 week supply includes schedule)

Bio-AlphaWaves, Bio-B Complex, Bio-Zinc (Reacted),
Glutamine Powder, Alka Seltzer Gold, Lobelia


Current Prescription Gimmicks:
Patches, Gum, or Antidepressants

We have watched clients switch from being addicted to cigarettes to being hooked on the nicotine patch. Because the patch delivers its nicotine even in your sleep, it hasn't often led to total freedom from nicotine. Nicorette gum allows you to use as needed to quench nicotine cravings. It no longer requires a prescription. A study in Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) 1987, showed Nicorette gum doubled the success rate of quitting and minimized weight gain over that period.

An anti-depressant drug, Wellbutrin, has recently been renamed Zyban and is being sold on prescription as a potential help for smokers. We have seen this drug benefit some clients and produce irritability and angry outbursts in others. My advise is don't trade one drug for another ... They are hard on your immune system.

Whatever way you choose to beat this addiction, I know you can do it. The real secret is to keep up your strong resolve. Never for another moment give that pack of deadly chemicals any power over you. Don't let this drug undo the gains you're making by following your seven-step restoration plan.

Set a stop date and go for it!


Before ending this section on chronic fatigue I want to talk about a cause that has stayed hidden to many of you. We may be well into the twenty first century before Americans accept what scientists are telling us about our changing environment, both within and around us.

Albert Einstein's famous equation, E=MC2, tells us that energy and matter are dual expressions of the same universal substance. Human beings are networks of complex energy-fields. Matter is energy. All matter has frequencies. When I speak about our bio-electric selves I mean we have within, and we live amid, electromagnetic fields and frequencies. You may still think of your body as only solid matter, but it is no longer good science to believe this.

How Today's Environment Impacts
Our Bio-Electric Selves

This century has seen drastic changes in our electromagnetic environment. Electromagnetic fields (EMF) vibrating at 60 hertz now surround nearly every person, from appliances at home to machines at work. Over 500,000 miles of high voltage power lines cover the US. The airwaves are full of low, medium and high frequencies. The density of radio waves around us is now 200 million times the natural level reaching us from the sun. Today it is common to spend many hours absorbing the magnetic fields of computers and TV signals.


Dr. Robert Becker M.D. whose life's work involves regenerative electrical growth and the effects of electrical fields on humans, has written a brilliant book, The Body Electric, which I strongly recommend to you. In it he shares a myriad of international studies linking the effects of these magnetic fields on us. These exposures can cause prolonged stress reactions leading to chronic fatigue and exhaustion. Scientists have found that subliminal activation of the stress response is one of the most important effects that electromagnetic fields have upon life. Dr. Becker says:

"The sites of the greatest changes (due to electro magnetic fields) are the brain's hypothalamus and cortex. The hypothalamus links the emotional centers, the pituitary gland, the pleasure center and the autonomic system, the single most important part of the brain for homeostasis and a crucial link in the stress response. Any interference with cortical activity of course disrupts logical and associational thought."

These facts should give you pause:

  • Becker collaborated in a study with an English physician who had noticed that people living with high voltage lines nearby were prone to depression. The study mapped the addresses of 598 suicides in relation to the location of such power lines. The magnetic fields averaged 22 percent higher at suicide addresses. The strongest magnetic fields contained 40 percent more fatal suicide locations than randomly selected houses!
  • Researchers at the University of Kansas in Wichita studied electro pollution coming from their two airports radar beams. They plotted the cancer incidence for the whole city and found it was highest where the residents were exposed to both radar beams.
  • An Alabama public health researcher has found a surge of birth defects among children of radar-exposed army pilots. Seventeen of their children were born with clubfoot in a 16-month period at their base hospital in Alabama. Statistically, there should have been no more than four at most.
  • Researchers link the use of electric blankets with birth defects. These blankets emit the highest powerful electromagnetic field of any household appliance! An alarming number of miscarriages and birth defects have been documented nationwide, from pregnant women working in computerized offices where malfunctioning terminals emit enormous amounts of EMF (electromagnetic field) waves.
  • England has just recently moved to restrict the use of cellular phones because exposure to a person's head of thousands of microwatts has been shown to do brain damage. Way back in 1971, the USSR's Institute of Labor and Occupational Diseases identified a seriesof such symptoms they called "microwave sickness". They are:
  • chronic excitation of the nervous system(stress syndrome)
  • high blood pressure
  • headache
  • dizziness
  • sleeplessness
  • irritability
  • anxiety
  • stomach pain
  • nervous tension
  • inability to concentrate
  • hair loss
  • increased incidence of appendicitis
  • cataracts
  • reproductive problems
  • and cancer.

Chronic symptoms eventually lead to adrenal exhaustion and ischemic heart disease.

Dr. Becker reminds us that "All life pulsates in time to the earth and (so) our artificial fields are causing abnormal reactions in all organisms." Unfortunately, these conditions are not going away so there are some obvious practical things to do for yourself and your family:

1. Don't settle your family into an apartment or house that is close to high voltage power lines.

2. If you are pregnant, do not work at an unshielded computer terminal for those nine months.

3. If you know you have high exposure to electromagnetic fields on your job, and you are experiencing ongoing fatigue and other signs of "microwave sickness" change job quickly.

4. Don't use electric blankets

5. Keep your cellular phone turned OFF except for emergency use. Limit your cellular calls to less than 10 minutes.


Enjoy Progress, But Protect Yourself

In no way should we regret the wondrous EMF developments that are exploding around us. The growing knowledge of electromagnetic energy is doing much good for humanity as well. An example is, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which transfers the energy of a specific radio wave frequency, using CAT scanners to produce human body pictures, based on reactions to high intensity magnetic fields. This provides us with a sensational new window into the structure and function of the human brain and body. The future will bring us even more exciting discoveries. We have no reason to fear electro-magnetic field energies as long as we are cautious about shielding our finite bodies from the potential damage of high exposures. In the next decades we can expect to learn much more about how to safely co-exist with these powerful, invisible fields.


We have now covered many of the possibilities for ongoing fatigue. You've taken appropriate steps to identify the most likely areas of trouble for you:

__________ chronic bacterial or viral infection

__________ candida albicans overgrowth

__________ food allergies

__________ chemical sensitivities (review section 8)

__________ exhausted adrenals (review section 5)

__________ hypothyroidism (review section 6)

__________ low histamine levels (review section 7)

__________ effects of electromagnetic field exposures

Almost all of these conditions should be confirmed by lab work and treated medically. I urge you to make an appointment with your physician ASAP. (See Appendix B in Depression Free, Naturally for the organizations that refer you to doctors who specialize in these problems.)

Even before you get medical help, stay with your healthy, sugar-free diet and keep your promise to yourself to kick cigarettes!

Use the appropriate nutrient formulas to restore your immune system and digestive tract. Ultimately it is your own body's "healer within" that is doing the repair. So please be a little patient ... you are designed to be self-healing and it is going to happen!


 Additional information on formulas, schedules, and optimal doses to achieve biochemical restoration/repair can be found in the book Depression Free, Naturally

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