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Depression Free, Naturally

Depression Free, Naturally lays out a program of change that can permanently improve your quality of life. The information acquired will be invaluable to you because you are going to be spending the rest of your life in your body. If you have always longed for total mental clarity, a sense of joy and resiliency in living, and boundless energy; and if you have had enough of up-and-down moods, anxiousness, tension, sadness, anger, irritability, muddled thinking, exhaustion, and feelings of powerlessness... this book is for you."



(complete with appendixes of references)

You may doubt a book can change any of this. But you will soon see that today's science has some new and powerful solutions for you. This program is not asking you to change your thinking or reprogram your emotions or talk yourself into wellness. I am proposing to fix that malfunctioning computer, your brain, so that it will finally begin to serve you normally."

Seekers of Truth: Many people who appear to have life under control are simply great actors. Underneath they live with inner tensions, anxiety, feelings of hopelessness, paranoia, racing thoughts, ongoing anger, and bone weary fatigue. What is the best treatment for these problems? Psychotherapy? Prescription drugs? Joan Mathews-Larson, Ph.D., the brilliant nutritionist who founded Minnesota's esteemed Health Recovery Center, believes that there is a better way to treat these mental conditions. Her book, Depression Free, Naturally, offers revolutionary formulas for healing emotions biochemically. Developed and tested at Health Recovery Center, these all-natural formulas have been proven effective at eliminating Depression, Anxiety, Fatigue, and Anger. Says Dr. Mathews-Larson, "Another way to say 'personality disorder' is brain dysfunction. If your brain's biochemistry is unbalanced, it will send warning signals to you in the form of unstable emotions. What causes this to happen? Genetics, ongoing stress, depletion of key brain chemicals from nutrition-poor diets, or absorption of a variety of toxins are some of the reasons." She continues, "I can help you identify clues that point to chemistry, not personality, as the culprit that causes your emotional woes." In her book, Dr. Mathews-Larson explains how to gain emotional stability and well-being by feeding your imbalanced brain what it craves—the key essential fatty acids, natural mind-body hormones, and the right amino acids. In addition, this book expounds on:

  • The many underlying biochemical causes of depression and the natural solutions to restoring your brain's molecular balance.
  • What to take to sharpen your thinking and improve your memory.
  • Anxiety, the second most prevalent mental health problem in the US today. How to solve it without drugs by restoring the brain's missing natural chemicals.
  • Dr. Mathews-Larson's views on the effectiveness of psychotherapy.
  • How the typical American junk food diet and lifestyle alters our mental capacities and daily functioning.
  • How to control teen (and adult) anger and violence.
  • The risk factors of massive vaccinations and what parents can do to protect their children.
  • The exciting anti-aging benefits of hormone replacement therapy to keep us young and mentally alert.

Depression Free, Naturally© is published by Ballantine Books. As relevent today as it was when it was first released. It can be found in libraries across the US and is available for $14.95 in most major bookstores throughout North America.

The ISBN of this book is 0-345-43517-6

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