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TESTIMONIALS - Introduction

by Joan Mathews Larson, Ph.D.

Eight years ago I sat down to write the first version of 7 Weeks to Sobriety. I wanted to give you all of the amazing breakthrough formulas we had discovered at Health Recovery Center so you too could recover from this physical disease of alcoholism. But could a book convey such a powerful message when the track records of most treatment programs show a relapse rate of over 80% for alcoholics who seek their help? I firmly believed that the successful methods we have pioneered for eighteen years could be shared in a book, and that we humans are capable of taking care of ourselves if only we can understand what we must do.

That belief has become reality for countless thousands of alcoholics all over the world! Requests for the book's detox formulas have poured into our 800-24-SOBER number from places and countries I didn't know existed...and your wonderful letters, Emails and telephone calls express such jubilation at your success! I am touched with your notes of thanks.

You have, many times, brought tears to my eyes with your life stories. Thank God for the resiliency of the human spirit! Many of you tell me that my recounting of the research that solidly establishes alcoholism as a PHYSICAL disease, simply confirmed what you already felt, and being released from the guilt and shame of having a "psychological weakness" or a "character flaw" has restored your self respect and given you hope for a full, ongoing recovery. And recover you have! Here are pieces of your stories:

A Few Testimonials

"I am an alcoholic who has been helped immeasurably by your program. Since I discovered your book Seven Weeks to Sobriety in a health food store about one year ago, I have experienced a tremendous decrease in alcohol craving and depression, as well as an increase in physical well-being. I am one of those people who have difficulty with AA, in spite of very sincere and earnest efforts over several years, punctuated by relapses and all the dreary hell that goes with them. That is why finding your book was literally a Godsend for me. As a former engineer, I have always been wary of claims or reported findings, pending my own verification or reproduction of the data. I was therefore skeptical of your claims, but I didn't have anything to lose. I was therefore amazed when I finally realized that the regimen was producing all manner of subtle yet significant positive results."

Bud - Ohio


"After my long search I have found the "missing link" for me in your book. My father and I started your program together six months ago and the change has been so PHENOMENAL."

Anna - Florida


"The great love you have for Rob, your son, has given me my life back. Thank you."



"I have been on your recommended regimen over a year and am doing well. I told my new doctor (on my last visit) that I am alcoholic. (I never told a doctor this before) and described what I am taking, based on your book. He was great - said he too is alcoholic and also takes G.L.A. oil etc. How refreshing!!"

Edith - Missouri


"What a gift you have supplied to all those with an alcohol problem! You have brought back my vitality and joy of living, not to mention my self-respect. My dear wife also very much appreciates what you have given us."

Amy - California


"Your book, "Seven Weeks To Sobriety" has made the difference in my personal recovery! For years, I have tried various approaches without success. For the past year, I have followed your program religiously. Today, I feel fantastic and optimistic."

Peter - California


"I have never written a letter such as this before, yet the impact that "Seven Weeks To Sobriety" had on me, compels me to do so. Please allow me to introduce myself, and tell you a story:

I was born and raised in Southern California to wonderful parents and had a happy childhood. I quit school to raise my son, and became a wife and mother. I had an unfaithful husband. And that is when my drinking started.

We proceeded to drink as a way of life, working in the film industry, getting even with affairs, lies, and disloyalty, until finally after fifteen years, my husband left me. After the divorce, I drank even more heavily to ease the pain and loneliness.

My drinking continued heavily for five years. I was fired from a job because of it. I was forced to take a long, hard look at myself and the shambles that my life had become. That's when I entered therapy.

Three years ago I took a serious emotional dive into the bottle. My depression seemed overwhelming. I knew on a logical level that my drinking exacerbated my problems, yet I continued to drink to escape the pain and loneliness. I truly felt that there was just no hope or solution to this cycle of loss, despair, depression and drinking. That is, until I read your book. Funny, how this universe works. The person who gave me your book, was the man I loved and who had left me. He had been fighting alcohol addiction and knew that I too had a problem. It is one of those miracles, that he would be the one (after discovering your program, he became sober and is well on his way to happiness and health for the first time in his life) to give me this gift.

Your program has made sense. It has made clear, so many issues that I never understood. I have hope and health (mental and physical) for the first time in twenty years. And I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart."

Patty - California


"I need you to know the outcome of one person who was fortunate enough to catch you on a radio show in British Columbia, Canada, just before Christmas.

By the time you were halfway into the segment, I knew this was what was mysteriously haunting me all my life and that this was the answer. After 25 years of drinking 9 + beers a day I was truly addicted. Overnight (with the detox formula) I was immediately able to go from addicted to cold turkey...there has been no struggle, no fears, no apprehension and amazingly, no cravings.

My sincere indebtedness to you and the program that has freed me from the shame and stigma associated with this disease."

Mike - Canada


"Today is day #24 of my sobriety...from the first day (on your detox program) I have not physically desired any alcohol. I am fine. I have taken a new position that requires more responsibility that I would not have applied for, before now.

My husband is following your program also. He says he feels so energetic and wonders why we ever did all the drinking we did."

Elizabeth - Detroit Michigan


"There is little doubt that the discovery of your book, Seven Weeks to Sobriety, was no accident. Having been raised by alcoholic parents and now married to an alcoholic, my life has been deeply touched by the disease and the deleterious effects it has on everyone involved.

My husband is currently working through detox using your system and his comments include "Gee! I am energized all day!" And there has been no evidence of drinking. The positive effects that he has experienced have given him greater confidence and hope. (He does complain that he is so full of vitamins that he has little room in his stomach for anything else.

The purpose of this letter is to express my incredible gratitude."

Shelby - Virginia


A district judge assigned my book as mandatory reading to a young man who had been in many treatment centers for alcoholism and was now sitting in jail once again. He wrote back to this judge:

"I have been to chemical dependency treatment 8 times and I had all but given up on myself as hopeless.

I read "Seven Weeks to Sobriety" several times and every time I learned something new that I can use.

I have three generations of alcoholics in my family and to make a long story short, they couldn't wait to read my copy. They all went out and found their own. The book explains a lot of things treatment never covered and should be required reading for people like myself.

I have returned your copy to the Jail."

Richard - Minnesota


"I am writing this to tell you how incredibly well I am doing after being on your vitamin therapy.

After I started on your (book's) therapy last year one of my doctors discovered that I was diabetic. My blood sugar was around 500. I was put on Micronase. I hated being on the Micronase because of the insulin reactions I had everyday after taking it. These reactions only intensified my cravings for alcohol. Also, after going on the Micronase, half of the hair on my head fell out. At this point I was so depressed I was becoming suicidal.

After being on the Micronase for a few weeks, my blood sugar began to level out and I began to feel a little more relaxed, not quite so depressed. At this point, in last September, I decided to toss aside my Micronase and completely use your vitamin system along with a water therapy I read about in the book "Your Body's Many Cries for Water". And lo' and behold, wouldn't you know it, just as I was getting ready to throw in the towel it worked. I am not on any medication for diabetes because I am no longer diabetic, my hair is growing back, I AM NOT DEPRESSED ANYMORE!

I would say, "Can you believe that?", since to me it is still so unbelievable, but I know you work with people everyday in your clinic and see this sort of recovery every day. I would have written to thank you before now, but I honestly have had a little skepticism still lurking in me wondering if I was going to make it. I really think I will. I am such a different person now it is truly a miracle for me and my family to see this new creature being so very productive and happy. I know from reading your book that the death of your son inspired you to research this disease. I have to say, I am very grateful to him for his sacrifice and for the blessed, life-saving research he inspired his mother to pioneer. I thank you both from the bottom of my sober, now regular beating heart for your work.

In addition to the diabetes, depression, and alcoholism now being in remission, I have had a list of symptoms from the alcohol abuse that I used your book to address. I no longer have shooting pains and numbness in my feet and hands. My heart no longer beats erratically. I no longer have high liver functioning test results (I used Milk Thistle). I no longer have pain in my side and abdomen (this was probably from my liver and pancreas getting ready to explode!) And most of all, I am not going to kill myself from the overwhelming pain of alcoholism and depression (I used the Omega Fatty Acid Diagnosis to address the depression).

I had been trying to get sober for a long time. I have been in-patient twice in my life for alcoholism. I am still paying off a $14,000 medical bill from five years ago.

Thank you again for the gift of your book."

Lisa - Virginia


"I do not have the resources to enter your Minnesota treatment center so I was so grateful you wrote this book.

I used to drink about once a week, to blackout always. I have felt serious depression getting worse and worse to the point of suicide. I've tried much counseling and anti depressants in the past but I've always seemed to fall back.

This time I started your program as described in the book and I have stayed sober. Thank you so much for this program and writing your book to open it up to those who can't afford treatment.

Many, many times I have stopped in the past on my own. I can and have usually gone for one month - then I fail. As of next week I will have 3 months sobriety, and it has been easier than anytime before.

Thanks so much for helping me save my life."

Bob - Washington


"I am forty years old and have been fighting the bottle for twenty-five of those years. I have tried thousands of times to quit and stay quit, but to no avail. Until now. My mom gave me your book and told me it may be my last chance at sobriety. I am so happy to tell you that after eight weeks on your plan, I truly don't crave alcohol at all. This is a miracle in itself, because that is what stopped my progress so many times. I am just so thankful to you that words can't express my feelings.

I see a future now that before was at best iffy, and I feel that I have you to thank for this new beginning."

Valerie - Florida


"When a family has a loved one that is alcoholic, the whole family suffers. After the success that my husband has experienced with this treatment, I will gladly do anything, however small to help get the word out about this simple but effective method for treating alcohol addiction. It works.

My husband and I have asked ourselves many times in the past weeks, why is this treatment that is so simple and cheap been kept a secret for so long?

My husband worked for the railroad for 27 years. For that entire time alcohol has been a problem. As with all alcoholics, the problems have become worse through the years. He went through a 30-day treatment program because of problems on his job. He stayed sober for three weeks after returning home. I cannot remember the exact year of the second 30-day treatment.

Life really went to hell in a hand basket after that. He drank enough that you would think it would kill any normal human being. His health began to suffer to the point that I felt, even if he did quit, his quality of life would never return to anything resembling normal. I was wrong! The difference in him since starting on the 7 Weeks to Sobriety plan is nothing short of a miracle, and we were both desperately in need of one.

It was only by chance, because I work during the day, that I saw a portion of the Susan Powder show when the book, 7 Weeks to Sobriety was discussed. I went immediately to the bookstore to purchase the book. As any person that lives with an alcoholic knows, you will grasp at any straw. I put the book in his nightstand drawer. Several weeks later, he called me at work. He said, "I guess I have done a foolish thing." I thought to myself, oh God, what now? He said, "I called that number in that book and ordered $130.00 worth of vitamins." I told him that if it did not work, it wouldn't be the first $130.00 we've wasted. But what a bargain, that was the best $130.00 we had spent in a long time.

After he started taking the vitamins every day I would ask him, "What do you think. Do you think it's working" He would say, "I don't know, maybe its just working because I think it is supposed to." He said, "It's too easy, I can't believe it will really work." Finally after about six or seven weeks he said that he really thought it worked. That was what I was waiting to hear.

It has now been 11 weeks. No only is he sober, his strength and energy levels have returned beyond anything that he or I would have believed possible.

I find it hard to believe that this program that is so wonderful, and has been around this long is not better known."

Carolyn - Virginia


"This is my story as to how my life was saved because of your book. Thank you for changing my life for the better.

I really don't know when the darkness started, but I don't ever remember being happy in a normal way.

It really sounds incredible to normal people that one can live in that dark abyss. But believe me there are thousands of us doing it every day, and fooling a good share of you as well as trying to fool ourselves.

The simple things in life like getting up in the morning or getting dressed, became almost impossible. All I wanted to do was sleep and shut out the pain. I couldn't climb out of the hole, the deep, dark hole I was in. How did I manage to raise my family and appear normal? I see now how bad a job I really did. Especially after I thought I'd found the answer all on my own, the magic cure to the darkness-ALCOHOL!!!!

Actually, I really started drinking on the advice of a Doctor. After I lost my fourth baby, I was sinking back into the hole. I called my doctor, and his answer was to go out and buy a bottle of wine. It helped. It wasn't long before it took more and more alcohol to cover the pain. Only, the more I drank, the worse I felt. Just the start to a very vicious circle. A lot of times were ruined by my drinking, and my poor husband spent many a long night listening to me babble on and on in a drunken stupor, not making much sense. He did realize there was something terribly wrong with me, and he tried his best to get me to go for help. I'd go a time or two, but then, I'd resist even harder. I was putting him and my children through hell. The people that I would die to protect! That pushed me even deeper into the darkness. Finally I could only see suicide as the answer to my pain. Only I didn't have the nerve to do it, so I'd turn to more alcohol.

I'd stay sober during the day, but come 5:00 p.m. I'd start in hard and heavy. I'd drink all evening until I pass out. Then I'd get up and go to work and start all over again. Soon I needed to drink in the morning to get going, then go to work, come home, and grab a beer before I even took my coat off.

Then one black day my husband did something I never in my darkest nightmares thought would happen. He left me! I was destroyed. The person that I loved, the one I'd die for, had been driven away by my illness and drinking. He was gone, my light and strength, my love! Why continue!!

Then one day on TV, I heard a woman tell her story of how alcohol killed her son and how she turned that into a clinic to help others with a problem with drinking. She did a lot of research and learned that the mind is not the only part of the body that needs treatment when one stops drinking. The body too must be treated.

So I wrote down the name of the most important book of my life. Truly a lifesaver. I called the bookstores and found it. The reading was very insightful; it was as if she was writing about me alone. I didn't realize how the body was affected by this drug.

The book was so fascinating to me that I couldn't put it down. I read it cover to cover in one sitting. The next day I went out and spent the money, that I really didn't have to spare, on the vitamins, minerals and amino acids that the book recommended and I followed the diet that was also in the book. I was determined to beat the drinking and being the stubborn Norwegian I am I was going to do it on my own, no groups, just that wonderful eye opening book. To that news program and that book I truly owe my life and better health.

I could hardly believe it, I didn't get the DT's that I had always heard happened when you quit drinking. I took the pills just as the book said, and I didn't even crave a drink. Not even the day I was served with divorce papers, I wanted to die, but not go out and get drunk as I would have done a few months earlier.

It's been 3 years in August since I had a drink and I really don't ever want to drink again. Life is so much better, happier and healthier without the alcohol. I'm sure the depression had a lot to do with the drinking, but so did my family background.

I really hope that the book that helped me through the darkness, will help the thousands of alcoholics out there. Of course you must truly want to stop drinking, that is still the first GIANT step, but once you've made up your mind to stop, this book can truly change your life."

Marlene - Minnesota


"I am a 38 year old Irish Catholic female. Since I can remember, I have always consumed massive amounts of sugar and caffeine. My father was the same. My mother began practicing alcoholism when I was 10 years old , simultaneous with my father's death. I started experimenting with alcohol when I was 12.

My senior year (in college), I went from a social drinker to an alcoholic. After graduating from college I moved to Washington, D.C. where my sister lived. She noticed my severe mood swings and massive alcohol consumption and after I refused to see our family priest for being possessed, I agreed to see a therapist. Within minutes of my first meeting with a psychologist I was labeled Manic/Depressive. That was back in 1987 and until 1995 I carried that label. For years I was treated with numerous kinds of medication, none of which had any impact on my mood swings. I was in and out of dual diagnosis programs (manic-depressive and alcoholism) for years. I checked myself into programs which involved attending group sessions daily for 6 to 8 hours five days a week for months and months. Nothing changed except I am now well versed in the area of psychology. I tried acupuncture, macrobiotics and read everything about bipolar disorder I could get my hands on, but I never found a way out of this madness.

What is funny is that there is no mental illness in my family, but there was plenty of alcoholism (on both sides) and diabetes.

Over the years, I have also been in and out of AA. They told me to be "Good" to myself and eat as much sugar as I wanted and not worry about my weight. I was tested for diabetes and was told I was "only" hypoglycemic so, I should eat a lot of sugar since I have low blood sugar. WOW, a license to eat sugar. Now I was being encouraged by both my doctors and AA to eat sugar. If I had only known then what I know now!

I suffered with severe headaches for which I was given beta blocks and seizure medication (Depakote) along with my medication for bipolar disorder. I could not eat or sleep. I weighed 185 lbs. My mother told me that I looked like I was dying. I felt like I was and welcomed it. I was totally alone. I was channel surfing and came across The Susan Powter Show. I stopped and listened to people who had recovered from their alcoholism. I thought Wow, a 75% success rate. That is worth looking into. I called and the book was only $10.00. That really impressed me because I thought if this were just some gimmick the book would be at least $19.95. Now, I had some hope. I thought well, I might be bipolar but I don't have to suffer with alcoholism too. So my goal was to stop drinking.

I followed the book to the letter. I began working out at the YMCA which for people who have limited funds only cost $10.00 monthly. I began eating healthy. Oh, but it was so tough giving up sugar. I really struggled with that. Even more then I did giving up alcohol. I joined a softball team. I joined a soccer team and then I met the man that I am currently dating. All the while I was losing weight. Finally I weighed 116 lbs. I started my own business. But the most miraculous thing of all, and most unexpected, was that I no longer have mood swings. None what so ever! I believe they were all related to sugar and alcohol. My family states that I am not even the same person I was for those 15 years.

I accredit all of this to three sources: God, whom my family prayed endlessly to for years, Dr. Joan Larson, who I believe truly is out there offering help to those who are willing to accept it, and my own perseverance.

My favorite saying is: 'The greatest glory does not exist in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.'

I have fallen more times than I care to admit, but I have risen, today, above alcoholism."



"IT WORKS!!!! Thank you forever."



"I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the work you are doing at HRC. I am an addictions counselor that is totally frustrated by the traditional approach to treatment. I have worked in the field since 1987, and have been astonished by the lack of emphasis on healthy lifestyle and physical repair.

I obtained your book and had my introduction to amino acid therapies and I have subsequently tried some of the HRC formulas, namely the ones for stress and fatigue. Even though I have been in recovery for ten years I must admit that after about six weeks of amino acid therapy, I feel "normal". Before I used to joke that I did not even know what that meant.

I have a very strong commitment to bring excellence to the field of addiction and recovery. Your work at HRC is the most light I have seen in a traditionally dimly lit field."



"I am an ordained minister. In July, while "surfing" on the Internet, I came across the posting of a fellow who was touting your book (I wish I had written down his name and E mail address). According to him, by using the program in your book, he not only got help with his alcoholism, but also was cured of numerous "mysterious" symptoms - many of which were similar to my own. "Hello!!!" I thought to myself, "this is the first time I've ever seen these symptoms listed with a possible medical explanation and a successful course of treatment." I literally rushed out to find your book. I thought the book was terrific and I was especially grabbed by the title of the 3rd chapter "Its Not All In Your Mind." (Thanks, I needed to hear that.)

The various checklists and questionnaires were very helpful, particularly the Candida questionnaire. My Candida "score" was almost off the chart. I obtained other, more detailed books on Candidiasis and thought to myself, "These authors must have been hiding in my pocket making observations." I purchased another copy of your book for my family GP (who also happens to be a close friend) and took your book, the questionnaires, etc., to him. This was the first time that I had discussed my mystery illness symptoms with him, and he took them very seriously. He sent me for an MRI (done that before), nerve conduction studies (OK, that's a new one), and he took enough blood and urine samples to float a good sized boat to check on thyroid and liver function, diabetes, etc. Not surprisingly, all showed normal. He declined my request for a glucose tolerance test as "unnecessary." and also denied testing for Candida, stating that "We just don't see yeast as a cause of these sorts of symptoms." Translation: "I made up my mind that this is not possible before you came in here." Eventually he said, "Tom, you have been under a lost of stress recently, and......"

Using the organizations mentioned in your book, I tracked down a board certified internal medicine doctor in my town who believes in and treats - chronic yeast syndrome. One look at the historical record (I've got 20 years of Navy physical records in a binder), and he said, 'Your third week of the nutritional immune system boosting and yeast killing medication" regimen from your book, and it already looks like a whole new world.' I have every anticipation that in very short order I will be in my best physical shape since 1975. I can't thank you enough for your part in this turn-around."

In Gratitude,


If you would like to add your own experience of biochemical restoration and repair to these testimonials, you may e-mail Joan Mathews Larson at: hrc@healthrecovery.com


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