Seven Weeks to Sobriety

Depression Free, Naturally

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Joan Mathews-Larson

Hi, and welcome to the official website of my books, Seven Weeks to Sobriety and Depression Free, Naturally.

I’d like to share a couple of things that’ll help you zero in on the answers you’re seeking for alcoholism, depression, anxiety, mood swings.

Learn the Answers to successfully treat alcoholism, depression, anxiety, mood swings

If your concern is alcoholism, the National Bestseller Seven Weeks to Sobriety will reveal many unique physical anomalies that a 12-step psycho/spiritual treatment model fails to recognize. You’ll learn how to correct these physical imbalances and achieve much more than simple abstinence. The pages of this book light the way to a happy alcohol-free future … I mean abstinence with wellbeing. Checkout a few excerpts from different chapters. The answers are waiting for you. 

If mental health issues are your concern. Problems like depression, anxiety, fatigue, etc., you’ll find a wealth of answers in Depression Free, Naturally. It explains many ways to correct the underlying cause of mental disorders, not just mask them over with drugs. Drugs are the path to misery, but using the correct molecules of life to repair the brain will bring true health and wellbeing. The correct molecules of life, have been the backbone of our program at Health Recovery Center for 40 years. Clients are amazed at how fast stability and wellbeing is restored once the power of real life-supporting chemicals is used. Health Recovery’s model for treatment follows the Blueprint of Life, and now in Depression Free, Naturally, you can access many of the solutions we have pioneered. Checkout a few excerpts from different chapters right here and get ready for some life changing answers.

7 Weeks to Sobriety

National Bestseller Book: The Proven Program to Fight Alcoholism through Nutrition.  More >

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Depression Free, Naturally

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Rob Mathews Foundation

In 1975, Joan Mathews-Larson’s seventeen-year-old son, Rob, committed suicide. More >