High-Quality Vitamin Supplement Formulas was once the official site of Seven Weeks to Sobriety, and Depression Free, Naturally. That changed when the FDA declared that these books could no longer be sold on Bio-Recovery’s website because they disseminate information for curing diseases. You see, according to the FDA, only drugs can cure diseases … and because Bio-Recovery sells supplements referred to in the nutritional formulas found in Dr. Joan’s books they were (in the eyes of the FDA) selling drugs on the internet … you see? … Confused? … Evidently you can sell nutritional supplements on the internet, but if you do, you can NOT say what they are for, nor can you discuss the wide variety of ways they can be assembled into formulas to heal and cure (as outlined in Dr. Joan’s books) … because that would be tantamount to selling drugs (according to the FDA). Today, Bio-Recovery remains, a great place to buy high-quality vitamins and efficacious formulas, but to remain FDA compliant, they cannot tell you what they are for.

FDA Compliant

Because the government suppresses natural (non-drug) medical information, you’ll find the formula titles discussed on Bio-Recovery’s website do not match the formula titles on this site or in the Dr. Mathews-Larsons books. This is because the original titles have words in them like Depression, and Anxiety, and Bi-Polar (basically mental health diseases), and to even mention them on Bio-Recovery’s site is (in the eyes of the FDA) making a disease claim. So to help guide you, take the code numbers assigned to the formulas on this site, paste them into the search box at the bottom Bio-Recovery’s site on the opening page, hit send, and voila, you’ll be instantly taken to the formula you’re looking for (although it may have a different name to be FDA compliant).

Here at this website, the information provided refers to what the FDA regards as diseases (e.g., Depression, Anxiety, Obsession/Compulsion, BiPolar, Alcoholism, etc.) … and words that imply diseases cannot appear on a site that sells supplements for the purpose of treating those diseases. That’s the law according to the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act rigorously enforced by the FDA (Reflect on that next time you’re pondering the healthcare system we have in this country).

A Place for Quality Supplements.

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