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Glycine: Banish sleep-aid hangovers and get some quality zzz’s naturally 
In 2007, a study was published that measured the effects of glycine on sleep quality and the common next-day symptoms often caused by lack of sleep. Objective measurement was done with a “polysomnograph” (an electronic instrument much like an electroencephalogram or “EEG”) which measures brain waves during sleep. 
Volunteers took either 3000 milligrams of glycine or a placebo before bedtime. Those in the glycine group fell asleep significantly quicker and entered into the slow wave sleep commonly called “deep sleep” significantly faster as well. The volunteers reported less daytime sleepiness and they improved their performance on memory recognition tasks. 
In another trial, using the same dosage, volunteers who took glycine had a significant improvement in fatigue, “liveliness and peppiness” and “clear-headedness.” the researchers concluded: “…glycine before bedtime seems to produce subjective and objective improvement of the sleep quality in a different way than traditional hypnotic drugs such as benzodiazepines.” 
One word of caution: some evidence shows that glycine might make fast growing cancer cells grow even faster. So to be on the safe side I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone with any type of cancer. Otherwise, glycine appears to be quite safe. An older research report tells us that a dose many times higher than 3000 mg had no significant adverse effects. 
Give glycine a try for sweet dreams and no foggy head after effects. 

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